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8 best health and wellness podcasts


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In 2020, I shared 11 health and wellness podcasts to help entrepreneurs stay calm and inspired in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. I usually listen to podcasts while walking, while exercising, while cooking and even while driving. While I enjoy many of the more established podcasts such as Jay Shetty, Dr. Mark Hyman and TED Health, below I share 8 of the newer and most informative podcasts and hosts on the rise. If you’re looking for inspiration, education, and actionable tips to improve your health, try one or a few of the shows below.

1. Huberman Laboratory

Huberman Laboratory is hosted by dr. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine. While this one may elaborate a bit on brain function and science, Dr. Huberman’s how to simplify and break down his content into highly “digestible” pieces of information. His podcast is in the Top 25 of all podcasts worldwide and often ranks #1 in the Science, Education, and Health & Fitness categories. Some interesting shows from Dr. Huberman include Heat & Sauna for Health, Alcohol and your health, Perfect your sleep and Improve your immune system. If you’re curious, try the August 17, 2022 bonus episode a live event where Dr. Huberman answers questions about his own supplement routine, how social media changes our brains, ice baths, and his favorite brain hacks for doing hard things.

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2. The Gabby Reece Show

The Gabby Reece Show is hosted by Gabrielle Reece, Olympic volleyball legend, New York Times best-selling author, corporate speaker, mother and wife of big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton. I know Gabby personally and will attest that she is as real, raw and sincere as she is in her shows. Gabby speaks to leading health and fitness experts, but she also digs deep into relationships, including those with her husband and two daughters. Also a former model and (she co-founded two businesses with her husband), Gabby delves into the rigors of parenting, entrepreneurship, adversity, and multiple business-related topics. She speaks from the heart and hopes to enlighten listeners with actionable takeaways.

3. The Art of Being Healthy with Dr. Will Cole

The Art of Being Healthy with Dr. Will Cole launched in January 2021 and is already one of the leaders in the space. Dr. Cole, DNM, IFMCP, DC is a leading functional medicine expert who established one of the world’s first functional medicine telehealth centers. From intermittent fasting to hormonal imbalances to autoimmune diseases and more, Dr. Cole believes that “wellness is a sacred art” and this is reflected in the lightness and grace with which he approaches wellness. Dr. Cole loves his peanut butter and treats and even offers one guide to healthier alcohol for his fans, because he also enjoys a cocktail or a glass of wine now and then. Also a New York Times bestselling author, which he last released “Gut Gut Feelings: Healing the Shame-Fed Relationship Between What You Eat and How You Feel.” If you’re not sure where to start and relate to Peloton, I loved it episode 114 of September 5e2022 with Rebecca Kennedy. Maybe you just want to give Pilates a try!

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4. The Dr. Show Gabrielle Lyons

The dr. Gabrielle Lyon show is hosted by a Washington University fellowship-trained physician who works with audiences including Navy SEAL teams, Green Berets, Army rangers, and other special military operations. I have had the pleasure of getting in touch with Dr. Lyon and she has a wealth of knowledge on all things metabolism, strength and energy. Because of her I eat considerably more protein than before. Her methodology is Muscle-Centric Medicine, which is designed to improve muscle health through a high-protein diet resulting in long-term health, metabolic recovery, weight loss, increased strength and increased energy. If you’re skeptical, download it free guide to her Lyon Protocol or listen to one of her shows. Launched in May 2022, this show has risen rapidly in the Apple Podcast ratings and Dr. Lyons has been a guest on multiple podcasts and TV shows. She believes that muscle powers metabolism and is the key to lifelong weight loss.

5. Redefining Yoga by LYT Yoga

Redefining Yoga by LYT Yoga has 4.9 out of 5 stars because it really is, That good. Imagine if yoga and physical therapy got married and had a baby. That’s exactly what Lara Heimann developed with LYT Yoga, which she refers to as “Smart Yoga developed by a physical therapist.” I know Lara, have taken several classes from her and have been converted because this form of yoga has helped me move and feel better. With a BA from Duke University, an MS in Physical Therapy also from Duke, and a Neurodevelopment Training Certificate from Stanford University, Lara teaches us about body awareness and mechanics that most yoga practices don’t cover. Her solo episodes and guests discuss topics about the mind-body connection, smarter movement patterns, the courage to change, discipline and confidence to pursue your goals.

6. The Optimal Body Podcast

The optimal body podcast provides body tips and content to help us better understand our bodies, relieve pain and limitations, and understand what “optimal” means in our own bodies. This show, co-hosted by one of the top physical therapists in the US, Dr. Jen Esquer, is a go-to resource on tight hips, workplace ergonomics, creaky knees, foot mobility, and how nutrition and breathwork are related. I personally use The mobility app from Dr. Jen as a daily aid for pre-workout warm-ups, mid-day mobility, core stabilization, and breathwork. As convenient and effective as her 7-20 minute mobility routines are, the podcasts follow a similar bite-sized format, delivered in charismatic voices that resemble speaking with close friends. Dr. Jen and her co-host, Dr. Dominic, share their own physical challenges and limitations as they teach us how to be more balanced, whether massage guns really work, and how to address conditions from tendinitis to joint pain to specific injuries.

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7. The Great Silence

The great silence is hosted by my longtime friend Karena Dawn, mental health advocate, co-founder of a multi-million dollar fitness and wellness platform, ToneItUp, investor, and New York Times best-selling author of her book, The Big Silence. “Where there is darkness, there is tremendous opportunity for light,” says Dawn, who launched The Big Silence in early 2022 with the goal of normalizing conversations about mental health and empowering individuals to share their stories and turn their challenges into triumph. Despite her very positive, sincere, motivating and caring nature, Karena experienced deep trauma and grief during her childhood. Her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which led Karena to experience repressed emotions of guilt, shame, depression and eventually a suicide attempt throughout her childhood. Still, Karena was able to find deep joy and she shares this throughout her episodes. Episode #5 titled How to have more happy days with Spirit Junkie and calling Oprah as a “New Thought Leader” Gabrielle Bernstein is one of my favorites from this show.

8. Nutrition trainers

Nutrition trainers is for the no-nonsense, give-it-me-in-30 minutes-or-less listener fascinated by specific nutritional questions. Slayton guest dietitian and New York City author Lauren Slayton MSRD is blunt but entertaining, covering specific topics such as Should we stop drinking alcohol, Are you getting enough protein?, Top food trends, The best diet for your brain and her favorite nutritional snacks and pantry staples. Slayton shares her own personal hacks for travel, weight loss, sleep, and analyzes what she considers “woo woo” in the world of nutrition. Slayton has been featured on most major TV networks, is a contributor to Bobbi Brown’s lifestyle platform,, and is a brilliant recipe developer. This woman is no BS, brilliant and very enlightening.

If you read, it’s because you strive daily to be a better version of yourself. I’m sharing these podcasts in hopes of motivating and educating you, even challenging you to use a podcast as an excuse to go for a walk. I’ve found that sometimes I take a 20 minute walk and stay out for an hour because a podcast keeps me enthralled.

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