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How to find the right time management method for you?


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Everyone has a unique way of handling the responsibilities in their lives, which are specific and personal. Some people can set their sights on a task and get it done through self-discipline. Others are easily distracted and require outside sources of discipline to get the job done. Whatever inclinations you have, you will benefit immensely from finding the short and long term time management methods that are right for you.

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If you haven’t found your time management niche yet, don’t worry – grab one of these methods and get started; you can change your time management setup later.

Short-term methods to find the best time management for you

Time lock

Busy periods at work can spread and spread different tasks, meetings and breaks throughout the day you as result. It can be challenging to manage all these responsibilities separately, especially in your mindset. Jumping from one thing to another makes it harder to put the right focus on each thing.

Time lock involves planning days in blocks of related work so that when responsibilities arise, you can organize them into efficient times. For example, instead of several meetings breaking up other tasks throughout the day, you could create a four-hour block just for: dates. After that, you have another block to create a presentation, during which time you don’t schedule anything else.

The Pomodoro Method

If you’re having trouble staying on task, a timer-based method like the Pomodoro method may be helpful to you. Set a timer for 25 minutes and work until it runs out, then give yourself a five-minute break. Do this four times, but once the fourth iteration is complete, take a longer break of 30-45 minutes.

The goal of this method is to use focus in bursts — and take frequent breaks to recharge for the next focus sprint. Twenty-five minutes seems short, but stacks – and 25 minutes of quality work is better than an hour of alternative. It works because the timer works like a loose schedule and encourages focus knowing you’ll get a break in no time.

The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower matrix is ​​useful for those who have trouble prioritizing specific tasks over others, leaving nothing to do. It’s essentially a chart that allows you to divide tasks into four sections based on urgency and importance. These sections are: Urgent and Important, Urgent and Not Necessary, Not Urgent and Essential, and Not Urgent and Not Necessary.

The first part is the most crucial and is kept for tasks with tight deadlines and unfinished consequences. The second is for tasks that are soon but not required, and the third is for long-term tasks that need to be done. Finally, the fourth is for unnecessary tasks that can be deleted or saved until all others are completed.

Long-term time management methods:

Online calendar software

Online calendar software provides an excellent basis for time management in terms of sheer convenience. Unlike the following options, it is built and maintained specifically for this purpose by outside professionals. As a result, these calendars are expertly technologically designed and easy to use. Plus, most programs can sync between devices, meaning you’ll always have your calendar handy if you have one.

Many calendar platforms even have some of the above short-term methods integrated to consolidate everything. This means you don’t have to sit down and create a system for yourself, which can be intimidating. Online software is ideal for those who work better under externally established structures rather than self-imposed structures.

Paper planners can help your time management

Despite the versatility of digital calendar technology, this technology is not always the best for everyone. Some prefer more active planning techniques, such as paper planners – whose physical nature reminds you to stick to them. If online scheduling isn’t tangible enough to keep you focused, a paper planner can be placed for you.

Whether you make them yourself or print a template online, paper planners are a separate object for your devices. Instead of navigating your phone and a potentially complicated scheduling platform, you can keep the paper with you. Checking off tasks with a pencil is also perfect for giving your brain a more tangible sense of accomplishment.

bullet journals

Bullet magazines serve a similar purpose, but offer more external formatting and detail in how they are designed and arranged. Paper planners may feel unstructured, but online calendars can be overwhelming, so bullet journals are the ideal medium. You can get any kind of stationery stores to suit your needs, but you can also customize them to some extent.

Another advantage of bullet journals is that they are compact and easy to carry in your personal bag. Some are even made small enough to carry in your pocket if you want them to be easier to reach. However you buy one, you’ll be able to find one that works best in one of these ways.

Whiteboards help many people with erasable time management

Whiteboards are generally not portable, but are great if you do most of your work in one place or work remotely. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easily erasable – and therefore can be adapted to your day. If you get tired of the same methods after a while, you can change your planning style right away.

For example, you might start planning for the month and find that it’s just too much to write and organize. Then you need to clear it and shorten the time period to a more manageable week. Your plans can be moved tangibly and on the wall in front of you.

Tablet planners

Tablet planners combine these possibilities; they are digital but easy to personalize and transport. For example, you can write your schedule in an app, such as a paper planner, or use one to mimic a bullet journal. You can even use it as a larger version of your online calendar, and the mobile interface promotes accessibility.

There are a few drawbacks to tablets: they are not as small as a phone, are often expensive, etc. Think of a tablet as essentially a digital clipboard in the way they are carried and used. It can be something that really appeals to you, especially if you also buy a stylus.

A combination of resources will help you organize

So, from here, where do you start? What if you start out and find that none of these options help you consolidate your schedule or manage your time? Well, the truth is, you don’t have to use just one time management method across the board. It might be easier to use different in different parts of your life or for other tasks.

For example, you can use a whiteboard at home for personal goals and to-dos and an online agenda for your work. The former gives you more creative freedom in organizing your life, while the latter can be conducive to keeping things professional. It’s about what works in the moment, even if that means trying new methods in addition to your others.

Finding the right time management method for you — means making an effort to organize your life in a way that improves your productivity. It’s not easy to get started, especially if you’ve fallen into a productivity rut or glitch.

But don’t give up! Once you’ve found a method that works for you — and gets into the groove — you’ll be amazed at how much you end up getting done. And you can rest assured that your progress is moving forward.

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