Entertainment Kate Bosworth stated that she covered up her heterochromia...

Kate Bosworth stated that she covered up her heterochromia with colored contacts


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Kate Bosworth is known for her roles in films such as her first feature, Blue Crush, and Bobby Darin’s biography Beyond The Sea, both of which garnered her international attention. Aside from her movies, the actress is also known for her strikingly colored eyes, which are caused by a condition known as heterochromia iridium. For the uninitiated, the condition is a hereditary and sometimes acquired condition that causes a person’s eyes to be different colors. This small deviation is extremely uncommon, affecting less than 1% of the world’s population. The disease can present itself in three ways.

Complete heterochromia occurs when both irises are a different color; segmental heterochromia occurs when an iris has a distinct color segment, and central heterochromia occurs when the irises match but have a ring of a different color around the pupils. Bosworth’s left eye is blue while her right eye is hazel with a blue tint.

Kate Bosworth covered her heterochromia with contacts

She now accepts her distinctive trait, although this is a new development. Bosworth told The Sydney Morning Herald that her problem was a mistake and that she noticed it more “when the light is extremely gray”.

To hide her problem, she used contact lenses for most of her career, especially when she first arrived in Hollywood. But it wasn’t always because the actress wanted to. Bosworth had to “level up” her eye color because casting agents and directors required her to wear colored contact lenses while shooting to make her eyes look less odd. According to The Things, the unfavorable reaction to her unique trait hampered her acting performance for a decade.

Kate Bosworth is encouraged to accept her natural eye color

Fortunately for Bosworth, she eventually found a casting director who wasn’t concerned about her disability and encouraged her to embrace it. While traveling to Australia in 2006 to film Superman Returns, she met director Bryan Singer, who advised her to get rid of the lenses and be natural.

Kate Bosworth

“When I arrived in Australia, one of the first things I had to do was screen my eyes with a wig and a costume to see if Bryan wanted to keep them as they are.” And he decided he wanted it,” the actress said in a July 2006 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. Surprisingly, the director’s choice affected more than just how Bosworth’s character Lois Lane was perceived. It also made people with different colored eyes more visible, leading to the production of Lois Lane dolls with mismatched eyes. In the interview, the actress expressed her surprise that the dolls went after her.

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