Entertainment Logan Paul stated that AnEson Gib Mike Tyson is...

Logan Paul stated that AnEson Gib Mike Tyson is this generation


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Logan Paul congratulated AnEsonGib, nicknamed Gib, on his win over Austin McBroom on Saturday at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. Gib put Austin out five times in four rounds for a clean win. Logan Paul took advantage of the situation to praise Gib on Twitter and compare him to Mike Tyson.

“Gib is, simply put, the next Mike Tyson.”

Many of his followers agreed with the co-owner of Prime Drink, but many others spent the time Logan ridiculing Paul Gib on Brian Davis’ show True Geordie. With a hangover, he said he could knock out the British YouTuber.

Users on Twitter responded to Logan Paul’s tweet complimenting AnEsonGib.

Fans responded positively to Logan Paul’s post and many asked the developer to plan a fight with AnEsonGib. Most of them, however, reminded Logan Paul that he not only supported Austin for the fight, but also joked about Gib’s boxing prowess. Logan commented while discussing taking on the British creator:

“I’m going to spar with Gib now. I’m leaving this podcast hungover, going to spar Gib, and he won’t make it through two rounds… Seems like such a waste of time to me.”

Others said the British YouTuber wasn’t Mike Tyson, but he might be a good match for Salt Papi.

What happened in the Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib match?

Austin and Gib were scheduled to face each other in July 2022, but their fight was postponed because Gib suffered a brain injury. He withdrew from the competition to undergo medical tests and the fight was rescheduled for September 10. Their fight was the main event of the second Social Gloves boxing program, which McBroom owns. Austin defeated AnEsonGib in the first round, but he made an incredible comeback. He took out the owner of the ACE FAMILY five times in the next two rounds, two in the third and three in the fourth.

The final knockout drove Austin out of the ring, ending the match. Gib informed his followers after winning the contest:

“I traveled all the way from England to America to KO the CEO…I got my revenge and I received my atonement.”

Logan Paul

Gib needed revenge for his last fight with the Social Gloves, which is why yesterday’s fight was pivotal. The UK-based performer took on American TikToker Tayler Holder in the first tournament in June 2022. The match ended in a draw, with AnEsonGib’s numbers significantly in his favor. Tayler had taken 47 hits from the YouTuber, while Gib had only 21. Because he helped plan the event, Gib feels Social Gloves, Austin McBroom, and Tayler are cheating to rule in TikToker’s favor.

All about AnEson Gib

Ali Loui Al-Fakhri is a British YouTube personality whose real name is AnEsonGib. He was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on July 4, 1996. When he was a youngster, his family moved to the United Kingdom. Gib gained fame on YouTube thanks to his FIFA programming, which earned him 2.31 million followers. He has also made videos for other games, most notably Fortnite. With more than 900,000 followers on Instagram, the designer has a sizable following. He is also a boxer who met Jake Paul.

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