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Race Car Driver Justin Shearer (aka Big Chief) Biography 2020


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Justin Shearer is an American street racer and television personality, born on December 9, 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is known as “Big Chief” and appears in the Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” series.

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early life

While there is not much information about Justin’s parents, it is known that his father was a car racer and introduced Justin to the activity at the age of nine, awakening his passion for track racing and cars. Sadly, Justin’s father died shortly after, for unexplained reasons, and his disappearance left him insecure about his abilities: “I didn’t know if I would ever get into a race car again.”

aaaaa and the engine is back in the car now. time to hit the highway. it’s 3:32 a.m. and yesterday the bike needed a crank, Rod’…

Posted by Justin Shearer On Wednesday 17 February 2016

Not long after his father passed away, when Justin was 12 years old, his mother moved their small family to Oklahoma. Though he still grieves for his father, Justin adapted easily to his new town, and his passion for cars and speed was renewed when he saw the Route 66 races. Years later, his decision to pursue a career in motorsport was approved by his mother, who was studying to become a nurse.

Justin attended Putnam City High School and graduated from it with Beautiful memories“When I was in high school, man, there was nothing but rear-wheel drive, muscles everywhere, be it Fox-body Mustangs, F-body Camaros, LT-1 cars or older Monte Carlo G bodies. Whatever it was, it was rear-wheel drive and it was a V8 and that’s how we did it.”



Justin Shearer officially started competing in street racing when he was old enough. However, his success was not easy as he lost his first race against a Chevy Beretta driver: ‘I don’t even think it was a GT; it was just a Beretta and this kid tired me out. I immediately swore I’d have a car that a Beretta couldn’t outrun. And that’s how it all started.”

Rather than feeling defeated, Justin felt more motivated to pursue his passion, which led him to buy a 1972 Pontiac LeMans, modify it to make it fit for racing, and nickname him “The Crow.” ” to give. Within a few years, at age 22, Justin — known as “Big Chief” on the streets of Oklahoma — was already considered one of the top racers in town.

Justin created a website in 2002 called The List, which listed his city’s top ten street racers and allowed each other to challenge each other: ‘It was 60 people. They were just our buddies and we thought we were the worst street racers in the world and once we got to the point where we could afford a trailer we started driving around to find out.”

Justin didn’t expect to embark on the most exciting adventure of his life when Kyle Loftis, the founder of 1320 Video, traveled from Nebraska in 2006 to record one of his group’s races in the “Cash Days”: “I still don’t understand that . We just didn’t get it and before you know it those videos got pretty popular on the internet, and then we had our own videos that were pretty popular too.”

Loftis also remembers the story behind Justin and his comrade’s success racers on the internet: ‘It was their second or third (Cash Days), and after that I came down six or seven times. Shawn Wilhoit, The Mistress, threw my “air ticket to come down and Boosted GT picked me up and let me stay at his house while I was a weekend cab.”


Attracted by their internet popularity, Justin and his crew were approached in 2012 by producers at Pilgrim Studios, who suggested they be part of a new series for the Discovery Channel entitled “Street Outlaws,” which would target Oklahoma’s street racing community.

Justin was skeptical of the proposal at first, thinking he was being contacted for obscure reasons, but after a bit of research into the production company, he informed his fellow car racers about it“I just said to the boys, look, I don’t know what to think and I don’t want to make the decision here just because I’m afraid I’m going to feed you to the police. ‘

To make sure it was a serious offer, the group decided to give TV a shot. However, the show was initially only going to run for one season: “Everyone thought this was going to be a season, eight episodes and done. They were like, nobody’s going to look at it, but we’re going to try and harvest everything we can,” Justin later recalled.

Knowing they’d found a once-in-a-life opportunity, Justin’s group showcased their best racing prowess in the show’s first season. Before they knew it, “Street Outlaws” became the network’s number one series and was renewed for another season.

Fame isn’t the only “pro” of appearing in “Street Outlaws,” as the show has also made auto racing affordable for the cast members. While Justin considers sponsors a big part of the series’ success, he knows it’s not the most important aspect: “Nobody just gives us anything. So when this show ends, our cars will be fucking roll bars again.

Justin Shearer

Everyone thinks we’re super sponsored and everything is free and all that other stuff, but I mean, honestly, I paid for almost everything on my car.”

Justin also believes that the secret to the series’ success comes from the racers’ personalities, not marketing strategies.

Private life


Justin married Allicia Shearer on September 29, 2006. The couple, who had two sons, Corbin and Covil, met in 1999 at the gas station where Justin was then working: “I got nervous right away, and I knew I was going to get in trouble with this girl… and I was right. I’ve been in trouble ever since!’ He remembered.

The couple shared more than a decade of blissful marriage until 2017, when trouble sparked between the couple their split“It’s no secret, of course, that me and Allicia, my wife of ten, have had problems or whatever you want to call it, well, it goes beyond just having problems, we’re really getting a divorce, and that’s happening in.”

He revealed that the cause of the divorce was that he was more focused on his career than his family.

During the divorce process, Justin began dating fellow car racer and member of Car Chix, Jackie Braasch. This new relationship sparked rumors of possible infidelity on his part, although Justin vehemently denied it.

Net value

Due in large part to his appearances on “Street Outlaws”, Justin “Big Chief” Shearer has an estimated net worth of $2 million by mid-2020.

Physical appearance

Justin is of Native American descent, a fact confirmed by him to a fan on his Twitter account. Justin has a remarkably strong build and his hair and eyes are dark brown.

Interesting facts

Justin is a big fan of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Justin has a Twitter account, but hasn’t posted on it since 2016.

He loves his sons dearly and regrets not spending enough time with them: ‘They are my biggest fans and my proudest supporters. One day I’ll look back and regret chasing my bullshit childish dream of becoming a professional race car driver, wishing I spent less time signing autographs and taking pictures but more time playing from wiffle ball and lying on the couch while Corbin tries to rip my face off’.

In 2016, Justin had a serious car accident while driving his famous 1972 Pontiac LeMans. Although he nearly lost his life in the accident, he didn’t stop racing and bought himself a Pro Mod. He described his new car as ‘lighter, faster and safer’ than ‘The Crow’, which was beyond repair after the crash.

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