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Real Reason Behind the Breakup Between Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis


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Macaulay Culkin has always kept his private life private. The Home Alone star has gone out of his way to keep his friendships and relationships private. However, Hollywood is not a place where secrets last. Culkin, on the other hand, has kept his dating life a secret. His almost ten-year relationship with ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis is an illustration of this. They dated for a long time, but few knew about it, even fewer understood the nuances of their relationship.

The relationship between Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis

Culkin and Kunis met in the early days of their acting career and started dating. He was a little more famous than she was, but when they first met, they were both child stars transitioning into adults in Hollywood. Despite neither admitting to having a romantic relationship with the other, their relationship became widely known in 2002. And it was a long-distance novel – Culkin lived in New York City, while Kunis lived in Los Angeles.

Culkin and Kunis met after his divorce from Rachel Miner. Kunis appears to have changed his mind about “abstinence, asexual or whatever.” They were also at different stages in their careers. Kunis’ career just took off after her appearances on That 70s Show (which she starred opposite her current husband Ashton Kutcher) (in which she co-starred with her current husband Ashton Kutcher). Culkin, on the other hand, was retired after the success of the Home Alone movies.

By 2003, their relationship had become so public that he had to officially deny the engagement rumors. In doing so, he acknowledged that he had a romantic relationship with her and added: “I have a beautiful, wonderful, wonderful relationship with someone. It’s going really well… We try to keep our private and public life separate… and that is good thing.”
Speculation doesn’t fade quickly, especially in Hollywood, and the rumors of engagement continued until 2007. Kunis was the next to decline.

Six years after they dated, the actress joked and dismissed the accusations during a 2007 interview with Parade. “I’ve been married. I believe I am already married. And I’m pretty sure I have a kid somewhere. I’m waiting for something else to happen. She stated sarcastically before adding that she was not engaged or married and that she had no children with Culkin.

“Nobody seems to be paying attention. And next week I’ll be engaged again,” she continued. “What is wrong with these people? Half the time you could argue that they misinterpreted the facts. But more often than not, they’re just making things up.”

She stated in the same interview that they were “very secretive” and that they appreciated the solitude they had managed to preserve. Kunis went so far as to describe him as “perhaps the most intellectual man I’ve ever met” and “an amazing human being.”

She praised him for his down-to-earth attitude and ability to keep his feet on the ground despite his difficult background. In 2009, Kunis said that they had essentially grown up together and that he had given her great stability. She attributed her success to him and called him her “solid rock” all her life. In September 2009, they also attended Michael Jackson’s funeral as a group. In hindsight, this was the peak of their love, and it went downhill from there.

Mila Kunis accepts responsibility for their split

The couple surprised the world in 2011 when they broke up after eight years together. In the end, it was she who screwed up, though that would be revealed years later. Her spokesperson said in their statement that they were still on good terms and that the split was “amicable”. A year later, in an interview with Elle UK (via HuffPost), she still praised Culkin, who she acknowledged for helping her adjust to life at such a young age.

Macaulay Culkin

She just shared more about how things ended in 2016, but none of them ever gave the actual facts. She told Howard Stern that she and Culkin were not in a steady relationship because of his celebrity. In 2018, she revealed that she was the one who “f-ed up” during their “terribly awful” breakup. She regretted what she did and how she handled the split, even calling herself an “a-hole” for it.

They were “certainly not as cordial as” [they] could be,” she stated, contradicting their agreeable divorce declaration. However, the allegations that Kunis Culkin cheated on with Kutcher were false and they held no grudges. For now, both are in serious relationships: Kunis has two children with her now-husband, Kutcher, while Culkin has one child with his girlfriend, Brenda Song, with whom he has been living with since 2017.

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