Entertainment Sydney Sweeney opened up about white supremacists' allegations against...

Sydney Sweeney opened up about white supremacists’ allegations against her


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Sydney Sweeney, the Euphoria actress has finally spoken out about the white nationalist accusations she’s been facing since August. On Friday, November 11, 2022, the 25-year-old said the dispute is tantamount to a “wildfire” in a cover interview for the 25th Men of the Year edition of Britain’s GQ. She said, “

“Honestly, I don’t think anything I say will improve the discourse. It’s gone wildfire and there’s nothing I can say to get it back on track.

Sydney Sweeney received backlash in August after she uploaded a series of photos from her mother’s 60th birthday party. Several in attendance wore red hats that read “Make 60 Great Again,” inspired by the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) caps used by conservative, far-right supporters of Donald Trump. One of the guests also wore what appeared to be a Blue Lives Matter shirt. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the term emerged specifically to denote support for police enforcement personnel. Trent Sweeney, Sweeney’s brother, also shared photos from the party with people wearing the controversial headgear.

The photos sparked widespread debate, with many guessing at and condemning the political views of the actress and her family. Sydney Sweeney grew up in Spokane County, Washington, about 20 miles from the Idaho border. When she first heard of the internet criticism directed at her after the incident, she said, “This is insane.” She stated that this was not her goal, and she was perplexed that a simple celebration of her mother’s milestone birthday had become an outrageous political statement.

“My family doesn’t understand me,” reveals Sydney Sweeney.

Following the birthday tweets, Sydney Sweeney’s family was investigated and the actress received a lot of swear words from fans. Netizens stated that as a high profile person, Sweeney would have to face the actions of her family and confront the white supremacist connotations of her choice of outfit. The actress made no comments other than to admit that she feels nothing she says can help discourse and get it back on track. The White Lotus actress was honest in the GQ interview about her dissatisfaction with living in an “in-between position,” claiming that her relatives and friends in the region didn’t understand her or her world.

Sweeney explained:

“My family no longer understands me or the environment I am in when I come home. But in my business, my home and the location where I’m rooted is significantly different from how other people live.

Sydney Sweeney grew up in northern Idaho, which is mostly rural. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. She went on to say she was in an “in-between situation” where “neither side understands me”. Sydney Sweeney said in the same interview that her relatives were “mostly Rues”, a reference to her Euphoria co-star Zendaya’s character, who has a history of drug abuse.

The Handmaid’s Tale actress claimed that seeing her relatives, aunts and uncles become addicted and the effects it has on the community has discouraged her from using drugs or alcohol. Sydney Sweeney has been candid about her gratitude to her family, especially her mother’s support throughout her career. In an August interview with the Los Angeles Times, she noted that her parents’ support was critical to her acting career and that they “gave up everything they knew” in order for her aspirations to follow, referring to their migration to Los Angeles .

Sydney Sweeney

She continued and said:

“I had no contacts. I didn’t come from a wealthy family…but I had parents who believed in me no matter what.”

Sydney Sweeney is most famous for appearing on HBO’s Euphoria as Cassie Howard.

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