Entertainment The Untold Truth About 'Deadliest Catch' Ex-Star

The Untold Truth About ‘Deadliest Catch’ Ex-Star


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Jake Harris is an American fisherman and former reality TV star, born on October 23, 1986 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is famous for his appearance in Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”.

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Early life and parental relationship

Jacob Charles Harris was born the second child of Mary and Phil Harris. His father was captain of the fishing crab boat Cornelia Marie and partly owned it. There is no information about Jake’s education, although it is known that he and his brother Joshua – “Josh” – had a difficult childhood due to the chaotic relationship between their parents.

In the 2013 book published titled “Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad”, written by both brothers, revealed details of their childhoodtheir father’s difficult life and his difficult romantic relationships.

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Phil met Mary—an exotic dancer and single mother of two—around 1977. They quickly fell in love, began a relationship, and welcomed Josh in 1983. However, the relationship was filled with mutual infidelity, exacerbated by Phil’s addiction to cocaine, alcohol, and gambling. . In 1991, the couple filed for divorce after nine years of marriage, although they had been together for at least 14 years.

Phil won custody of his children after the divorce and remarried in 1992 to a woman named Teresa. This second marriage also didn’t work out, as Jake and Josh’s stepmother emotionally abused their father, exacerbating his addictions and driving him to depression. It wasn’t until 2003 that Phil finally divorced the woman his children had secretly called “Satan.”

Teresa — who is described in the book as “bad” — died of a heart attack in 2011. Harris’ brothers, who were physically assaulted by the now-deceased woman during their father’s marriage, were not saddened by the news. Josh wrote: ‘I didn’t feel bad. She was one of the meanest people I’ve ever met.’


Deadliest Catch

Phil Harris and his two children first appeared on the second season of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “Deadliest Catch” in 2004. While there is speculation that Jake and Josh learned to fish at a young age, as their father Phil was an experienced licensed captain, the brothers were only deckhands by the time the show started, and still hugely inexperienced.

In 2013, the Cornelia Marie was undergoing maintenance and did not appear on the series during its seven and eight seasons, while Jake could be seen as a sailor on the crab fishing boat Time Bandit, owned by the also “Deadliest Catch” star Hillstrands brothers. However, the eighth season was Jake’s last time on the show, as he was arrested after the end.

Private life

There is no information about Jake’s past romantic partners and current relationship. He has no children and his current marital status is single.

Father’s death

On January 29, 2010, Phil Harris suffered a stroke while in Alaska during the Opilio crab season.

He was taken to Anchorage and underwent surgery as the “Deadliest Catch” cameras continued to record the show according to Phil’s wishes. After surgery, he showed promising improvement in his condition, but then suffered an intracranial hemorrhage that ended his life on February 9 of that year.

The unfortunate event was broadcast on TV, with the permission of the late captain’s family. “It was clear we weren’t going to show anything tacky,” said executive producer Thom Beers. “We were walking on very thin ice. Sure, I had the pictures of someone yelling “clear” and pulling out the paddles, but why show that? The whole point was to show that point of view from a family member back home who would get the call. That’s how we all live. That’s how we find out how our fathers died or died.’

Jake’s brother Josh appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, explain how difficult the situation was for him: ‘It was hard to live it, and it will be very hard to relive it,’ he said of his decision to watch the episode of the series where his father died: ‘I want those last moments of my father ‘.

drug addiction

Before his father’s death, Jake Harris struggled with his drug addiction and continued to do so after he left. In 2011, Derrick Ray, who replaced Phil Harris as captain after his death, stated that he: Oregon Live his problems with Jake’s addiction on board: “He was smoking drugs in Dutch Harbor when we were shooting scenes for his father’s funeral. There was a night scene through the wheelhouse window, and I was looking at maps and he was stoned. I sat and dined with him and watched him drool over himself. He was filmed smoking drugs on the boat.’

Concerned about the well-being of his crew, Ray called the police to the boat on an episode of the show, “The reason I made that call was to try and get him out.” (…) ‘The Coast Guard has a zero-tolerance policy. Having drugs on the boat is against the law. I have a captain’s license. I could lose my captain’s license. There’s footage of it and I knew he was smoking drugs, and I was trying to get him to stop.”

He finished his explanation and made it clear that he was trying to get Jake to take drugs aboard Cornelia Marie, although he confessed that his efforts were futile: “If you’re a drug addict like Jake, he doesn’t care and Josh was his (brother) for a TV contract.’

Ray left the show and his position as captain that year.

First arrest

Just a week after his father’s death, Jake was arrested in Seattle.

Jake Harris

Dan McDonald, spokesman for the Washington State Patrol, declared to People details about the arrest of Phil Harris’ youngest son: ‘Mr. Harris was spotted in a BMW 3 Series by a civilian in Shoreline, WA, on Thursday night. We were able to locate his vehicle by plane, and he was pulled over in the Seattle area. The car was registered in his father’s name.

In addition, Jake was found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol causing an accident: “He failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a toxicology test.” (…) ‘After further investigation it turned out that he was involved in a collision with another occupied vehicle earlier in the evening. He had hit another car from behind.”

There are no further details about Jake’s arrest, although he reappeared in “Deadliest Catch” later that year.


In 2016, Jake entered intensive care after being beaten and robbed when he left Quil Ceda Creek Casino in Washington. Jake explained he was driven home by a couple, but an argument ended with Jake being thrown into a side street, with a fractured skull and $2,400 missing. Spokane police investigated the case and two subjects were charged with theft.

Second and third arrest

In April 2017, while traveling from Washington to Phoenix with an unknown woman, Jake allegedly took her car without permission. He was later arrested in possession of the car, along with prescription drugs and crystal meth. Jake was released from prison, although he was booked for theft and possession of dangerous and illegal prescription drugs.

In January 2019, Jake was arrested for the third time on suspicion of driving under the influence, possession of drugs and a stolen firearm. The gun possession charges were dismissed as it was later revealed that the arm had actually been purchased by him from a person involved in an armed robbery in 2018, although Jake tested positive for drugs and grams of heroin were found in his home by police. . In August of that year, Jake was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Net value

As of mid-2020, Jake Harris has an estimated net worth of $100,000, built from his work as a fisherman aboard Cornelia Marie, along with income from his appearances on “Deadliest Catch.”

Physical appearance

Jake is a man of white ethnicity, with brown hair and gray eyes. He has a slim, young looking appearance along with tattoos on his right forearm.

Interesting facts

Jake Harris was described by his father as the most capable fisherman of his sons, although it was his brother who replaced Phil as Cornelia Marie’s captain in 2015. Former captain of Cornelia Marie Derrick Ray publicly revealed what he assumed to be the Harris brothers’ real motivation for boarding the fishing boat: “They didn’t want to be there. They are not fishermen, neither of them. … They want to make TV.’

Phil Harris, Jake’s father, owned only 25 percent of Cornelia Marie, as the 75 percent belonged to the woman the boat was named after: Cornelia Marie Devlin. In 2015, Jake’s brother Josh bought the boat along with other investors, who made improvements to it.

Jake has two step older siblings on his maternal side, although there is no further information about them.

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