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Where is Vincent DiMartino now? What is he doing today? Wiki


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Vicent DiMartino is an American former television personality, bicycle builder and mechanic, born on October 9, 1972 in Hudson Valley, New York, USA. He is known as one of the original cast members of the reality series ‘American Chopper’.

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early life

Vincent “Vinnie” was born the second of four children to John and Margaret DiMartino. As a young child, Vincent spent countless hours in his father’s auto repair shop, which made him interested in auto mechanics. Unfortunately, there is not much information about Vincent’s childhood, hobbies and education. However, he is known to befriend Paul Jr. in high school. Teutul.

Vinnie (DiMartino Motorsports) is a first round guest judge for The Next American Innovator! Here’s his bio, for those…

Posted by Paul Jr. designs On Friday 14 August 2020


Early Steps

At the age of 14, Vincent DiMartino got his first job at an auto repair shop, where he learned the basics of building cars and motorcycles, along with further knowledge of mechanics. However, it is uncertain how many years Vincent worked in this shop.

Orange County Chopper

In 2002, Vincent DiMartino joined Orange County Choppers (OOC), a custom bike building shop in Newburgh, New York, when he was approached by his longtime friend Paul Jr. Teutul, who worked at OOC with his father. Vincent’s mechanical skills and experience in car and bicycle construction proved vital to the store, as he participated in many of the store’s most important projects.

The company was founded in 1999 by Paul Sr. Teutul after leaving his main company Orange County Iron Works. As an experienced steel fabricator, Paul Sr. a huge success not long after the store opened when he created “True Blue”, his first original creation that was showcased in a variety of national cycling exhibitions.

One of the first bikes that “Vinnie” helped build at OOC was “The Comanche Bike”, a modified helicopter inspired by the attack helicopter designed by the US military called the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche. The bike was on display at an exhibit in South Caroline, although it showed several issues with the engine prior to the presentation. Fortunately, the OOC crew was able to fix it up for the exhibition.

Together with his boss Paul Sr. and his friend Paul Jr. Vincent boarded the Bell 206 helicopter that overran the helicopter from New York.

In 2004, Vincent teamed up with Michael “Mickey” Teutul to create the Mikey/Vinnie bike, which sat on a V-series engine and required several mechanical adjustments. In the end, the engine was successfully completed and an illustration of Michael and Vincent was printed on the back. “Vinnie” also worked in a custom motorcycle for the National Automotive Parts Association.

American Chopper – TV Debut

“American Chopper” is a reality TV series about Orange County Choppers that captures the passion of owner Paul Sr. Teutul for motorcycles and its original custom bikes follows.

The series originally premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2003, but was moved to its sister network TLC in its sixth season, where the show aired until the end.

Vincent DiMartino’s first appearance in “American Chopper” was during the first season, which premiered not long after he joined the store. However, the pilot of the series was shot just before Vincent joined the company and he didn’t know about the project until after working there for a month.

Thanks to the “American Chopper” fame, Orange County Choppers became one of the most iconic custom bike manufacturers in the US, garnering a large local audience and gaining international recognition. This led several large companies and organizations to employ personalized helicopters with the company.

One of the first assignments a company did to OOC was the “PureFit Bike”. Not only was the bike one of the most famous ever seen on the show, it was actually the one that put the series in the spotlight.

OOC also built a bicycle for tool manufacturer Snap-on in 2003, built by Paul Jr., who incorporated several references into the design to resemble the Commissioner.

The “Football Bike” was built in honor of New York Jets by OOC and was put on display at Giants Stadium in 2004. But what made this helicopter special is the lack of complexity in its design and construction.

In addition to being an excellent bike builder and mechanic, Vincent also became a fan favorite over the years he appeared on the show. In 2007, however, he decided to leave OOC: ‘I had gone as far as I could there.

I really didn’t have a chance to move forward, and I’d always wanted to have my own store, so the natural progression was to leave and start my own business. Nothing against them, but it was time to move on.’

“American Chopper” showed his departure from the series as a quiet moment. Regarding Vincent’s departure, a clip in which his former boss Paul Sr. says “everyone is expendable” for commotion among fans of the show.

Just a year after Vincent left Orange County Choppers, his old friend Paul Jr. fired from the company by his own father after a violent altercation between the two, which led to a legal battle from cameras. Not long after leaving the company, the eldest Teutul son founded his own custom bike shop Paul Jr. designs on.


In late 2007, Vincent co-founded his own company V-Force Customs with former Orange County Choppers member Cody Cornelly. The company specializing in building bicycles was based in Rock Tavern, New York. The first bike made in it was called “V-Force 1”, which was widely admired and praised during its exhibition in Florida.

Despite the early success of V-Force Customs, the custom motorcycle market reached an all-time low in popularity and Vincent was forced to discontinue the shop’s operations in 2013. Although the company’s most important and important machines were sold, it was not the end of DiMartino’s ventures.

In 2014, V-Force Customs became official DiMartino Motorsports Auto & Truck Repair. In this new company, Vincent’s decades of work experience offers his customers an excellent service in the repair of mechanics and automotive electronics.

Together with Vincent, the shop is run by Jarrod and Vinnie Shorette.

Return to TV and new series

In 2010, “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” premiered as a spin-off of the original series. Although the show was short-lived and only aired for two seasons, it was filled with some memorable moments, such as Vincent’s return to TV.

In the series, DiMartino teamed up with Paul Jr. in his new company, although he often wore t-shirts with the V-Force Customs logo to show viewers that he was still active with his own company.

In 2018, a revival of the original “American Chopper” premiered on the Discovery Channel, and DiMartino received many questions from longtime fans of the series about whether or not he was returning to TV along with his former Orange County Choppers colleagues.

Vincent Dimartino

Posted in a video on his official YouTube channelDiMartino answered those questions: “I wasn’t asked to participate, not by Discovery or the producers or anything like that, but (Paul) Jr. asked me to work with them.’ He continued: ‘I’m not doing it, but if the conditions are right, I’ll do it. It must be logical. Me here in my shop makes sense. I love my shop, I love working and doing what I do. Tomorrow my shop will be here. It’ll be here the next day, and it’ll be here the next year, and that show certainly isn’t.’

In the video, he also stated that he is not interested in returning to his old job at OOC: “On some level, I want to be on the show with Jr. I don’t want to do anything with the mix with Orange County. I did that in 2007, not anymore. Never again. But I would go again with Jr. to collaborate.’

Where is Vincent DiMartino now?

Today Vincent DiMartino focuses on his auto repair business and family. He also has a Youtube Channel on which he has thousands of subscribers and keeps his fans informed about his daily life.

Private life

In 2001, Vincent married Melissa DiMartino, with whom he has three daughters, Vanessa, Ava and Isabella. The couple also have a son named Vincent, their youngest child.

Net value

Vincent DiMartino has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which is the result of his work as a mechanic and bicycle builder, along with earnings from his TV appearances and entrepreneurship.

Vincent DiMartino and QUBX chopperu. http://www.americkychopper.cz/vincent-vinnie-dimartino/

Posted by Americký Chopper – www.americkychopper.cz On thursday 2 august 2012

Physical appearance

Vincent DiMartino is a man of white ethnicity. Although there is no information about his height and weight, he is remarkably plump and strongly built.

Interesting facts

Even after years of the end of “American Chopper”, Vincent is still friends with his former OOC employees, as he stated in a Youtube video. He is especially close to Cody Cornelly, although he also keeps in touch with Paul Jr.

Although he greatly appreciates Michael Teutul for their collaboration, he has been out of contact with him for years.

In addition to “American Chopper” and its spin-off series, Vincent also made several TV appearances on networks such as Throttle Junkies TV, Bright House Sports Network, and Time Warner Cable Sports.

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