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Who is DanceGame? What is his nickname meaning/origin? Wiki


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Who is DanceGame?

DansGame is a successful Twitch star gamer and YouTuber, who gained fame for playing a number of popular video games and producing the video series titled “Let’s Play”. He has built a legacy on Twitch channel and is one of the first partners on Twitch. He’s a big name in the gaming world, though he doesn’t have millions of subscribers on YouTube.

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DansGame Wiki – Age, Real Name, Nickname Meaning and Origin

DansGame was born on May 29, 1986 in Seattle, Washington DC, USA; his real name is Daniel Evans, although he managed to hide it from the media until recently. Nevertheless, his nickname, DansGame, is now an emote on Twitch, used to show disgust, anger and annoyance. DansGame discovered “Super Mario Bros” when he was only three years old and started playing it on his Nintendo – it is still one of his favorite games.

He turned to video games whenever he had problems, and this became his hobby as he got older, and now his profession. He liked to play video games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but the console evolved over the years, only improving his gaming skills. His education was second only to games, and he only completed high school, skipping college.

Career start

DansGame is one of the first streamers and he struggled to make a break; he started in August 2009, but needed some time to get things going.


In 2010 he started his Youtube Channel, on which he started uploading “Let’s Play” videos, preferably about horror and action games, such as “Still Life 2”, “Mass Effect 2” and “A Vampyre Story” among others. However, the popularity building was very slow and he chose to use Twitch. Once he started streaming his gaming on this platform, his career experienced a resurgence. He started playing various games, from old retro games to the latest releases, steadily drawing the audience to his channel.

Rise to fame

With each new stream, DansGame became a little more popular.

No one knew exactly why he was popular, but all his fans shared respect for him and his efforts. He brought them closer to horror games such as ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Grim Dawn’, ‘Elder Scrolls III’ and ‘Fallout 76’. He now counts hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitch and has numerous subscribers who pay him a minimum of $4.99 monthly to see his videos. He has also gained popularity on YouTube as his videos have been viewed more than 20 million times, which has also contributed to his wealth.

DansGame made a few friendships on the way to fame; one of the YouTubers he has collaborated with is GiantWaffle, a popular Minecraft player and streamer. The two collaborated on the podcast “N3rdfusion”, with other YouTubers involved in the entire content media creation. company of the same name. Due to his constant contribution to the show, DansGame is now the official member of the team. This also contributed to DansGame’s popularity and net worth.

DansGame Net worth, height, weight and appearance

DansGame is a pioneer of streamer and his influential career has greatly increased his wealth. According to sources, DansGame’s net worth is a whopping $3 million in mid-2020; sources have also placed his earnings from his Twitch streams at about $12,500 per month.

DansGame is six feet tall as he struggles with his weight for most of his adult life. He currently weighs about 200 lbs ~ 90 kg. He is going bald, but his sides have short black hair, while his eyes are brown.

DansGame Personal life, dating, girlfriend, single?

DansGame is quite mysterious when it comes to his personal life; Not much information is known though he was reportedly in a relationship but the romance ended in January 2018. Since then, he has been single and has even stated that he is gay. However, this was only to secure fans of the LGBTQ community as he made a few comments that weren’t entirely in their favour. Nevertheless, his statement has raised some questions about his sexuality that he has not answered.

DansGame stated in one of the many interviews that he has trouble maintaining his real-life relationships as he is completely focused on building his online career. He has said that he is very lonely and that he has cut off all contact with people. However, he likes to joke with the media, and this has only brought more fans to his channels as he has a unique character.

DanceGame News, Facts

DansGame has been in the media a number of times; recently his emote was banned for sexual contentthough his take on his danPotty emote is that the ban is overkill.

Dan shares some personal aspects of his life on his Instagram pageand we can see that he is an animal lover, and in particular a cat person.

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