Startups What comes after unicorns and centaurs? •

What comes after unicorns and centaurs? •


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Lessons from Startups That Have Reached the $1 Billion Revenue Threshold

There was once, reaching a valuation of $1 billion was a big deal. But the shine that a so-called unicorn rating lent to a startup eroded as more and more private companies hit the threshold — often with less and less to back it up., where the term “unicorn” was born, noted the dilution of the denomination by instead collecting notes on startups that had hit $100 million in revenue, often measured in the form of annual recurring revenue, or ARR.

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That project was continued by a venture capital firm, which dubbed startups that, for obvious reasons, reached nine-figure “centaurs” revenue. The refocus was helpful, as there was more to learn from startups that hit $100 million in revenue than those with a $1 billion valuation.

But what about former startups that achieve 10 figures of revenue? What can we learn from them?

Friends and family capital (multi-stage, usually targeting companies with 8 digit revenue growth of 80% or more) performed an interesting analysis from private companies who wanted to find out. Friends & Family compiled its findings in a report I recently digested. also spoke with the company’s John Fogelsong and Colin Anderson about what they learned from the data.

The result is a series of notes about startups that don’t stop at $10 million or $50 million in revenue before selling to a larger company. This is how the largest companies in the private market got there.

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