Startups When VCs fund something you never thought they would...

When VCs fund something you never thought they would fund •


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Hello and welcome back to Equitya podcast about the business of startups, where we uncover the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

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Alex, Natasha and Mary Ann jumped on the microphone, with There is a ongoing production, to discuss the week’s biggest headlines!

  • Deals of the week! This time we had Polywork raising $28 million, Block Party raising $4.8 million, and Remofirst and its own recent fundraiser. Sure, we had to leave 234 deals on the cutting shop floor, but these were the ones we couldn’t wait to talk more about. Don’t Polywork, Block Party and Remofirst also sound like nice people to go out to dinner with? Only U.S?
  • Insurtech goes niche: From there, it was time to flesh out a series of Mary Ann stories targeting specialist insurtech companies, and the fact that Pie just proved it’s still possible to pick nine figures as an insurance-focused startup.
  • The Great Supply Wars: Next up was News From Instacart, including the fact that the IPO is still underway and it’s in the process of launching products as it swings into public markets. It also turns out that a bunch of companies would want more than part of their business. For example, Doordash.
  • Fired and more: And then fired. Fired from Metafy, fired from Sundae, and fired from Ola. However, we found a silver lining and started working on it.

Shares drop every Monday at 7am PDT and Wednesday and Friday at 6am PDT, so subscribe to us Apple Podcasts, Cloudy, Spotify and all casts. also has a great show about cryptoa show that interviews foundersa show us how our stories come togetherand more!

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