Technology Now you can stream the Elden Ring soundtrack on...

Now you can stream the Elden Ring soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube


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Elden Ring developer FromSoftware is making the game’s music soundtrack available to stream online in case you want to relive Malenia’s boss fight even more than you’ve already replayed it. As announced in a Playstation blog postyou can listen to the 67 song album on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more (you can download the full list of services here).

For example, I didn’t even realize that there were 67 different songs in it Elden Ring but maybe it was because I was too busy yelling to notice the difference. The post also features an interview with FromSoftware lead sound design and composer Tsukasa Saito, who explains what really went into making some of the game’s music, which is arguably one of the more underrated aspects of the game. Elden Ring (even if the lyrics are just gibberish).

Saito reveals something interesting about the terrifying voices you hear in the ‘Song of Honor’, the song that plays in Redmane Castle as you prepare for your battle against the little horse-riding Radahn. Apparently those voices don’t belong to a group of trained singers; they actually belong to the brass players of the Budapest Film Orchestra (the talented group that performed the soundtrack).

The FromSoftware team made the last minute decision to swap professional singers for the orchestra’s tuba, trumpet and trombone players to get a rougher sound as they realized Castle Redmane probably is not the kind of place where people hang out all day to practice their singing (unless of course it’s for a battle cry). And if you want to add some faces (and instruments) to the music that sounds through the Lands Between, there’s even a short video behind the scenes that shows the Budapest Film Orchestra in action.

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