Business Unmotivated employees? Follow this advice to keep them...

Unmotivated employees? Follow this advice to keep them engaged


As a leader, it is important to keep your team’s morale high so that they are more likely to meet the company’s goals and objectives. Motivated and engaged employees also make for a more fun, dynamic workspace.

However, motivating employees can be a difficult task as each person is motivated by different things. One employee may be driven solely by the prospect of pay raises and bonuses, while another may be more proud of being given the opportunity to be a leader and make a real difference in the organization.

Below, 15 Business Council members offer some recommended ways to motivate employees and share why these methods are so effective.

1. Invest in, respect and reward employees

The key to motivating employees lies in creating an environment where everyone feels invested, respected and rewarded for their efforts. An effective strategy to ensure this includes setting achievable goals that are clearly communicated throughout the organization, providing regular feedback that recognizes efforts and successes, and organizing social activities outside the workplace, such as happy hours. – Noman Siddiq, Cloudlead, Inc

2. Give employees a sense of purpose

I believe the best way to motivate employees is to give them a sense of purpose. If an employee knows why he does what he does, meaning he understands the “why” behind his duties, he will be more engaged and motivated. This way you can help them achieve their goals and make them feel like they are making a difference in the world, which is what most people want from their jobs! – Chris Kille, Pay pilot Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

3. Show interest in employees’ personal lives

Discussing employees’ upcoming vacations at our company meetings and getting curious about their lives has greatly increased engagement. Our corporate culture is to celebrate and honor their home lives as well. We discuss whose vacation is next and share that we will all take care of them until it’s our turn. The more interested I am in their lives, the more they want to support my business! – Jennifer Koy, Beauty care choices

4. Offer flexible working hours

Flexible working hours give employees the freedom to manage their own schedules, allowing them to work when they are most productive and motivated. It also creates a better work-life balance, which increases job satisfaction and improves morale. When employees feel supported in their efforts, they become more engaged and more likely to achieve company goals, leading to higher employee retention rates. – Eric Pam, Health channel

5. Explain how employees help achieve company goals

An effective way to motivate employees is to clearly communicate the goals of the organization and how the employees’ work contributes to those goals. Another way is to provide opportunities for growth and development, such as training, education and leadership development programs. Recognizing and rewarding employee performance and providing a positive and supportive work environment can also be effective. – Andrey Kovalev, BusinessInvitee Advisory Group

6. Celebrate wins

Showing appreciation and taking the time to celebrate the wins is extremely important. It’s easy to focus on what needs to be fixed, but feedback can’t be dominated by that. It’s also helpful to note that every employee will receive appreciation and celebration differently, so learning what makes sense for each person will go even further in ensuring their continued engagement. – Melanie Amberman, VaVa virtual assistants

7. Encourage employees to envision their future

Whether you work with remote, hybrid, or in-office employees, keeping your team motivated and engaged is essential to long-term trust in your relationship, and it works both ways. As a leader, we must instill confidence to inspire natural and organic leadership to grow on its own. I motivate team members by empowering them to define their path, goals and desired outcome. – Dana Neger, HIVE Talent Acquisition Firm

8. Encourage, not discourage

Employees need to see and understand your vision. When someone is sufficiently enthralled by a vision, they are more motivated and encouraged to work harder towards the company’s goals. Also, offer incentives and don’t judge someone for making a mistake. Instead, make a plan to correct the mistake and encourage them not to do it again and keep working hard. Always encourage, don’t discourage. – Kir Linington, Linear Roofing and General Contractors, LLC

9. Make employees part of the bigger picture

The best way to keep employees motivated and engaged is to include them in the company’s big vision. Make it clear to them what your long-term goals are and give them the tools and resources to achieve these goals autonomously. Employees want to feel valued, so showing them how they fit into the puzzle will keep them engaged. – John Hadji, Top Key

10. Use heart-driven leadership

Heart-driven leadership is critical to developing disciplined accountability and compassionate action so teams can excel. Lao Tzu is quoted as saying, “A leader is best when people hardly know he exists, when his work is done, his goal is achieved, they will say: We did it ourselves.” Motivation fades and heart leadership anchors action to achieve a goal, allowing team members to act when low on energy. – Paul L. Gunn, KUG Corporation

11. Give employees freedom and flexibility

Inspire people to succeed by enabling freedom and flexibility. Think strategically, not tactically. This way of thinking enables you to build close-knit teams with employees who are dynamic: they tackle things and can carry the ball themselves. However, also try to reduce the pressure on your employees. They are the ones who face and deal with regular frustrations. By making it easier for them, you have more room for motivation. – Michael Podolski,

12. Let employees know they matter

I have always found it important to make all employees feel and know that they matter. This means creating a culture where they feel valued and valued, keeping them motivated and engaged at the highest level. – Jeffrey Roche, Core education PBC

13. Get to know your employees

I’ve found that the best way to motivate employees is to get to know them and learn what they’re passionate about. Then link that passion to the company’s goals and objectives. Money, service and almost any other motivator can be linked to a common goal, and this will ultimately increase the engagement and motivation of your employees. – Matthew Davis, GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

14. Communicate the company’s mission

An effective way to motivate and engage is to clearly communicate the company’s mission and goals. Also provide opportunities for growth and development, recognize and reward employees, encourage a positive work culture and offer flexible working arrangements. Organizations can create a supportive and positive work environment that motivates and engages employees, leading to better performance and success. – Ali Nichols, Go away

15. Encourage creativity

Instead of making employees follow a rigid and structured routine, encourage creativity in their approach to work. They will feel stronger, more involved and more satisfied with their work. Let them take more initiative and be self-directed so that they can develop a personal interest in their work. – Marilisa Barbieri

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