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Naked truth from Qimmah Russo



When the term “Social Media Star” is mentioned, most people will envision spoiled, lazy teens taking selfies all day and not doing anything smart in their lives. However, not all people who have gained popularity on various social media are like that – an example is Qimmah Russo. What sets this girl apart?

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Early life and education

Qimmah Russo was born on December 16, 1996 in The Bronx, New York City, USA. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA, with her mother, a hockey player, and her father, a basketball player, as well as her older brother Tamir Russo. As can be seen, she has always been surrounded by sports and physical activities.

She is of African American descent, but also has some West Indian and Italian white roots. She graduated from Alemany High School in the San Fernando Valley, California, and went on to study sociology and exercise science at the College of Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. She was one of the best students of her generation, but she did not pursue this profession after graduation. For a moment she even thought about becoming an OB-GYN – obstetrician-gynaecologist – but that didn’t last long either.

While in college, she was also a member of the college basketball team and had great success as a sophomore guard. She had also won the VBL Bikini Dunk Contest while in college.


From an early age, Russo was inspired to follow in her parents’ footsteps when it comes to career paths. They agree said: “I have been an athlete all my life. I have practiced different sports, and being a top athlete, I always maintained good health and a fit body.’ This also helped her achieve the highest possible scores and maintain that success. She continued to play basketball for a while, but after college she decided to switch to something completely new to her: weightlifting. It wasn’t long before she turned her new hobby into her professional career.

Qimmah Russo

Russo perfected her figure through weight training, which helped her gain fame in both the fitness and modeling industries. People first heard about her after her 2010 Vine videos of her working out went viral and her popularity quickly spread to other social media platforms as well. She was also known for her collaborations with fellow Viners such as Melvin Gregg, Alphonso McAuley and Klarity. Her Instagram profile quickly grew and she began landing modeling and sponsorship deals for a number of elite fitness companies.

Russo soon began giving advice to other people about their exercise regimen and diet, which only led to more people reaching out to her. Her fan base grew every week and this quickly made her one of the biggest online names in the fitness industry. She even started her own fitness institute called “Q-Flex Fitness” on which she shares different methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as her fitness routines. In their own words, this also helps people to improve their mental health. As of March 2020, Russo is still one of the top names in the fitness industry, and she still maintains her toned and healthy physique.

Her goal is to reach as many people as possible and to motivate them to take good care of their body and mind.

Exercise routines

Russo’s workout has been praised for being versatile and for her clever interweaving of both cardio and strength training. She says you shouldn’t stop at just lifting weights or curling, and even doing activities like walking on your hands. If she notices a body part that just isn’t building muscle or losing fat, she makes changes to her workout to put more pressure on that part. She will often increase weights, reduce rest time or simply try some new exercises – in short, she will do everything in her power to induce muscle growth.

At the same time, she argues that cardio machines make people lazy, and someone should get out and run instead. If running isn’t your thing, Russo even suggests rock climbing or gymnastics. However, one thing that is a necessity for her daily routine is doing squats. Even when it comes to such a simple exercise, she still has her own addition: she recommends doing as many reps as possible in half a minute – according to her, this will help strengthen the glutes, legs and back. a faster and at the same time healthier pace.

Private life

Russo prefers to eat clean, organic foods, as a healthy diet helps her maintain her strong and athletic figure.

She has a whole universe in her.. ✨

Posted by Qimmah Russo On Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some of her favorite foods include avocados, dark chocolate, nuts, low-fat cheese, bananas, peanut butter, blueberries, apples, raw vegetables, and eggs. She also reiterates that eating healthy shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, and that you can find healthy foods that you enjoy eating.

She is close to her family and spends most of her free time with them. Her brother, Tamir, was a soccer player, but currently works as a fitness instructor, dancer, and YouTuber, so Russo has definitely surrounded herself with athletic people who love sports as well as the spotlight. She and Tamir are often seen together on her Instagram profile, often even in the company of their parents, Kenneth and Rayietta Russo.

As of early 2020, Russo has not disclosed that she is dating anyone or having a romantic affair, despite being seen with many different, handsome men in her Instagram photos. In fact, despite being a social media star, she prefers to keep the details of her private life to herself. The only information about her relationship life is one Twitter message from way back in 2015 when she lamented being single on Valentine’s Day.

Net value

Russo’s career as a fitness trainer and model has netted her a tidy sum from fitness instructor to the sale of her “Q-Flex Fitness” plan, and her Instagram profile has over 1.4 million followers, which will surely add to her income. from sponsored posts.

So her net worth is about $500,000. Russo also owns a BMW 435i, which is valued at around $43,195, as well as a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, and the price goes around $44,800. All this proves that she leads a luxurious lifestyle.

Physical Characteristics

Russo has a fit, strong body and a height of 1.62 meters, but keeps her other body measurements to herself. Besides her handsome body, she also has a beautiful face, curly black hair and dark, black eyes.

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