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Who is Woo Jin-yong from “Physical 100”? Did he win the show?


The season finale of the hit Korean reality show Physical 100 aired on February 21, 2023 at 3 AM Eastern Time (ET). They filmed the surviving candidates doing their best in the final set of tasks, then compiled the footage into a documentary. The winner not only takes home the ultimate cash prize of 300 million Korean Won (KRW), but also the title of the most physically fit person to survive the competition. Over the course of the two episodes, viewers were treated to a number of thrilling and suspenseful scenes.

Woo Jin-yong was able to defeat his fellow competitors Jo Jin-hyeong, Park Jin-yong, Kim Min-cheol and Jung Hae-Min in the conclusion of Physical 100. The final goal was to determine who was the best athlete . He was the only one of the participants to make it through the entire event alive, and as a result, he received the grand prize of 300 million Korean Won (KRW). In his spare time he does cross-fit and snowboard cross-play.

During the TUDUM Korea Carnival in 2022, Netflix announced that it will produce its very first Korean survival series. At the start of the tournament, which was led by Jang Ho-gi, 100 participants came from various professions and walks of life that required physical fitness. Athletes, wrestlers, trainers, and fitness gurus on YouTube and other social media platforms belonged to this group. To prove they deserved the title, they took part in some of the toughest trials.

Learn more about the winner of the Physical 100 here. As well as Woo’s Jin yong’s performance in the grand final.

Winner of the physical 100 Woo Ji-yong was born in 1986 and received his degree in physical education from Chung-Ang University to start his career as a teacher as soon as possible. In addition, he graduated with a master’s degree in physical education from the institution’s Graduate School. After completing his mandatory military service as a Korean marine, he reevaluated his aspirations for his professional life and decided to change careers.

While in Canada for his language training in 2007, he first encountered the world of snowboarding and immediately fell in love with it. As time passed, it evolved from nothing more than a simple pastime to a potential profession.

Woo Jin-yong
After obtaining his certification as a snowboard instructor, he made the decision to practice the sport at a professional level. He started participating in various snowboarding competitions and games, which served to fan the flames of his obsession.

2010 was South Korea’s first year participating in international snowboard competitions. Over the next nine years, Woo Jin-yong was a prominent personality in the region, participating in a wide variety of snow cross competitions on behalf of his country. According to a story published on Cinemaholic, he has served as a coach for South Korea’s National Snowboarding Team and also held the position of Chairman of South Korea’s Snowboarding Committee.

During his time at Physical 100, Woo Jin-yong has shown himself to be a capable player by doing well in both solo and team competitions. He has earned the title of ‘strong player’. He was part of the team led by renowned mixed martial arts athlete Choo Sung-hoon, and he eventually made it to the Top 5 after the fourth mission by winning a tag race against his other competitors.

The five individuals who made it to the final round of the Physical 100 competition gathered for lunch prior to the big challenge and shared why they were there. According to Woo Jin’s statements, most of Yong’s people don’t know what snowboard cross games are. Even though he is the first athlete to compete for his country on the national team, he was unable to participate in the Olympics as his country made the decision to focus their attention on “more promising events.”

Woo Jin-yong said:

“At the moment there are no vacancies at all. The younger athletes put in a lot of work in the gym and I really wish they would get more recognition so more people would seek them out.

He was able to cross three games and win the final challenge on Physical 100. He also beat the other finalists. He competed against the other cast member Jung Hae-min in the fourth game, which was dubbed ‘infinite tug of war’. Both finalists had to wind a long and heavy rope wrapped around the wheel. They had to rely on the strength of their bodies to pull the rope as quickly as possible if they wanted to win the series.

Woo Jin-yong

Woo Jin-yong kept pulling the rope and he was able to unwind it before Jung Hae-min could, despite the fact that their times were only a few seconds apart. This made the battle very difficult. As a result, the previous contestant emerged as the season’s only winner and strongest survivor. Not only did he walk away with the prestigious title, but he also took home the grand prize of 300 million Korean Won.

Woo Jin-yong is currently a dedicated participant in the crossfit sport and is affiliated with many crossfit academies, such as JD Crossfit and Crossfit NAMSAN. He has 8.4k followers on Instagram where he keeps his fans updated by posting behind the scenes photos of competitions, as well as photos from his crossfit and snowboarding events and other stuff.

More about Physical 100

The Korean reality show Physical 100 is easily one of the most entertaining shows of its kind. The unique structure kept spectators captivated and on the edge of their seats as they cheered on their favorite competitors throughout the match. The activities test the participants’ skills to work together as a team, to communicate well, to be patient and to put endurance to the test.

There was a lot of suspense in every episode, adding significantly to the overall flavor of the series. While there’s no word on another season being ordered, fans can still watch all of the Physical 100 episodes currently available on Netflix.

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