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For example, like SQL, MQL allows you to reference data from multiple tables, transform and aggregate that data, and filter for the specific results you need. Unlike SQL, MQL works in a way that is idiomatic for each programming language. MongoDB supports distributed transactions, which means multi-document transactions and sharded clusters can be easily performed on replica sets. From the programmer perspective, transactions in MongoDB feel just like transactions developers are already familiar with in PostgreSQL. The video ends with a summary of the main points and a recommendation for choosing a database management system for a project in 2023.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

For data ingestion we used the mongoimport tool to import data into MongoDB database. The total size the dataset occupied in the collection in MongoDB is 116 GB and each record has a size of about 275 bytes. Q7ii adds yet another factor, the geographical area and performs the same functionality as Q7i. Q8i returns the average speed for every vessel passed in the query whereas Q8ii takes into account the geographical area. The geographical polygons that used are uniformly selected and occupy equal size (P1ran, P2ran, P3ran). This code is executed for a different set of ListOfTimestamps andship_id.

Avoiding message losses, duplication and lost / multiple processing in Kafka

MongoDB has currency control mechanisms that use document-level atomicity and optimistic locking. It assumes there are no conflicts between most concurrency write operations, which allows people to modify data at the same time without acquiring locks. It also creates a new revision ID for the document, which allows multiple documents with the same data to exist simultaneously. PostgreSQL uses an SQL variant, called Postgres SQL, as its query language. Although similar to SQL, it has additional features like an extensible type system, functions, and inheritance. However, PostgreSQL is still compatible with standard SQL, so you can use SQL queries as well.

While both PostgreSQL and MongoDB make amazing databases, it ultimately comes down to choosing what’s right for your business. The translation of SQL to MongoDB queries may take additional time to use the engine which could delay the deployment and development. Furthermore, PostgreSQL provides data encryption and allows you to use SSL certificates when your data transits through the web or public network highways. PostgreSQL also enables you to implement the client certificate authentication (CCA) tools as an option, and use cryptogenic functions to store encrypted data in PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database

It offers flexibility in data types, scalability, concurrency, and data integrity for structured data. For Q1 a regular BTree index is created in both systems for attribute “ship_id”. The index size varies between the two database systems even for the same attribute that performed. The two systems store data differently and the concept of “index” is different too. As an example the size of the index on attribute “ship_id” in MongoDB is about 6 GB while in PostgreSQL the size is 3,1 GB.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

The difficulty for transitioning was significant enough that I switched to postgres. So before I went all in I wanted to know how much better is mongodb vs postgres as I prefer relational data models and I did not want to invest the time for mongo if there was not some significant advantage. After reading the benchmark tests the one thing I can say is postgres will cost less to run in a VM as the memory required is significantly less. Otherwise I see no clear advantage other than postgres relational db’s are taught in every university.

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With phishing attacks, malware, and other threats on the rise, it is essential that you make the right choice to keep your data safe and process it effectively. However, it can be extremely difficult to choose from the wide variety of database solutions on the market today. MongoDB and PostgreSQL are the most popular open-source databases that almost all companies use. This blog will see a detailed comparison between MongoDB vs PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL uses logical and stream replication plus PAF to offer availability.

  • Moreover, it doesn’t have revising tools or reporting instruments that could show the current condition of the database.
  • These software developers and managers have experience in building and deploying market-competitive software solutions for a number of businesses.
  • PostgreSQL, while not as fast as MongoDB in terms of its raw insertion speed, excels in terms of ACID compliance.
  • MongoDB and PostgreSQL are both different types of databases, and both serve different purposes.
  • Again the superiority of PostgreSQL is obvious as the sample grows and reduced almost at half.

This flexibility of document-based MongoDB helps database developers to collect and store data from diverse sources. It also helps to work with changing requirements that need to be reflected in the stored document data and is a norm in software applications today. MySQL, with its long-standing presence in the market, boasts a mature and robust user interface. It offers multiple options for managing and interacting with databases, including the popular MySQL Workbench and command-line tools like MySQL Shell.

Support & Community

” because each database is the best version of its particular database format. Like MySQL and other open source relational databases, PostgreSQL has been proven in the cauldron of demanding use cases across many industries. If data aligns with objects in application code, then it can be easily represented by documents. MongoDB is a good fit during development and in production, especially if you have to scale.

Like PostgreSQL, MongoDB also has a community forum that enables users to connect with several other users and get their general queries answered. The MongoDB enterprise support can further include an extensive knowledge base with use cases, detailed tutorials, technical notes on optimizations, and best practices. The tight rules governing the structure of the database allow PostgreSQL to be a very secure database, hence it can be reliable to be used for banking systems. Developers can choose what’s essential in the application and make the changes required. MongoDB uses MQL, which can be used to work with documents in MongoDB and take out data while delivering the flexibility and power that SQL does.

Factors that Drive the MongoDB vs PostgreSQL Decision

First, department information is repeated for each employee in the department. Since Bill and Fred are both in the Shoe department, information will be replicated. When Shoe information gets updated, say the budget is adjusted, all copies must be found and correctly updated. If even one replica is omitted, then an inconsistent (corrupted) data base results. Worse, this multi-record update operation is either non-atomic (by default in MongoDB); or requires MongoDB’s 4.0+ multi-document transactions, which have several limitations and incur a performance hit.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

There is a need for an interactive performance in terms of response time and a scalable architecture. Benchmarks play a crucial role in evaluating the performance and functionality of spatial databases both for commercial users and developers. MongoDB shines in scenarios where flexibility, agility, and scalability are paramount. MongoDB’s ability to store complex hierarchical structures and support nested data enables developers to work with dynamic and diverse datasets, providing unmatched flexibility and agility. In contrast, PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) that combines object-oriented features with relational database capabilities.

Architecture/Document Model

It’s a simple, basic query plan – it might perform better if you throw lots of work_mem at it, but it might not, too. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Another example of the difference in terminology and syntax between the two is that MongoDB uses documents to obtain data while Postgres uses rows for the same purpose. Our no-code data pipeline platform comes postgresql vs mongodb performance with out-of-the-box connectors for both MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL, helping you unify your data and gain more meaningful insights from your data warehouse. MongoDB offers community support, tutorials, and, for a price, full training and upgrading under the supervision of a support engineer. MongoDB offers client-side, field-level encryption through TLS and SSL (Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer).

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