Startups Daily Crunch: Warner Bros. Discovery falls short of...

Daily Crunch: Warner Bros. Discovery falls short of analysts’ estimates and posts net loss of $2.1 billion for Q4 2022


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Folks, we have some very sad news for you. The weekend has arrived, which means you have to take a break from work for a few days. We know, it’s a tragedy. But don’t worry, Monday is just two short weekend days away, and then you can get back to the grindstone.

Black History Month continues! Originally published in 1975, For Girls of Color Who Contemplated Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf is a magnificent, passionate and fearless story of what it meant to be a woman of color in the 20th century. Well worth a read – or find out on stage!

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​​The Top 3

  • Money, money, money… must be funny: Warner Bros. Discovery revealed that it lost another $2.1 billion in the fourth quarter. This is despite the success of shows like ‘The Last of Us’ on HBO and games like ‘Hogwarts Legacy’. Lauren explains more.
  • Fired in fashion: Second-hand clothing marketplace Poshmark is now laying off employees, just two months after being acquired by Naver, Kate reports.
  • Another brick in the wall: Ron explains why a potential US Justice Department lawsuit over competition could derail the upcoming $20 billion Adobe-Figma deal.

Startups and VC

The truth is that Mobile World Congress (MWC) was never a consumer technology show per se, but the participation of several smartphone manufacturers turned it into a useful launch pad. Brian explores in What we expect from MWC 2021.

Despite conscripted co-founders and darkened bunkers, Ukraine’s tech industry marches on. Mike examines how, one year after the invasion of Russia, Ukrainian startups are showing amazing resilience.

And we have five more for you:

  • Pay, pay, pay: Telecom giant Airtel sees through a stake in Paytm Manic.
  • Buy, buy, buy: Rebuy aims to change the customer buying experience, one by one, Christine reports.
  • Deb, dev, dev: Alchemy launches a tool that allows developers to start building dApps in 4 minutes, Jaquelyn reports.
  • Ai ai ai: Natasha L reports how Voicemod earns $14.5 million to ride the generative AI (sonic) boom.
  • Photo, photo, photo: South Africa’s Envisionit Deep AI to receive $1.65 million to expand access to medical imaging, reports Annie.

5 Questions Emerging Managers Should Ask Before Selecting LPs

Two wooden figures of people communicate

Image Credits: Constantine Johnny (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Before an emerging manager can start supporting startups, they must first gain the trust of limited partners who are willing to bet on their investment thesis.

“Each step on the decision-making ladder increases the risk of being fired, lost information or miscommunication, which can be mitigated if you can reach decision makers early on,” said Linda Greub, co-founder and managing partner of Avestria Ventures.

Based on her own experience, Greub shares five questions that emerging managers can use “to find the investors most likely to believe in you.”

Three more from the TC+ team: is our membership program that helps founders and startup teams lead the way. You can sign up here. Use code “DC” for a 15% discount on an annual subscription!

Big Tech Inc.

A new hacker group called CH01 has defaced Russian websites to show them a video of the Kremlin on fire. Lorenzo has more.

Google One subscribers can rejoice at this news that they now have access to Google Photos’ new AI-powered “Magic Eraser” that will remove unwanted content from images, Sara reports.

We have a treat for you: six stories instead of five:

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