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Who is xChocoBars?

Janet Rose was born on November 5, 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and under the pseudonym xChocoBars (adopted for her love of chocolate) is both a Twitch streamer and a gamer, best known for her fame through the streaming website Twitch, by play online game “League of Legends”. She has since established herself on the site and played a plethora of other games.

The net worth of xChocoBars

As of early 2020, xChocoBars net worth is estimated to be over $800,000 earned through a successful career in streaming. She earns a lot of income from donations and as an affiliate on Twitch, which means she gets a bigger share from advertising revenue. Her income allowed her to afford a more luxurious lifestyle.

Beginning of early life, education and career

xChocoBars is of Chinese descent – her family moved to Canada before she was born, seeking better opportunities in the country. Her parents were originally from Shanghai, and as she grew up, she learned Mandarin, but she did not learn to read or write. Instead, her parents encouraged her to focus more on the culture of Canada and English.

At a young age, she developed a love for video games, although at first she did not think this would be a possible career for her. After graduating from high school, she pursued a college education in early education, with the idea of ​​possibly pursuing a career as a teacher.

However, things changed when she discovered the video game streaming platform Twitch, which was relatively new at the time, although it led to many gamers making a lot of money. She decided to give it a try and started streaming as a hobby when she was not busy with school work.

League of Legends

At that time, xChocoBars was very interested in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), the game “League of Legends” (LoL). The video game was launched in 2009 and is the creation of Riot Games, which consisted of veterans from the early days of the “Defense of the Ancients” or “DOTA” mod, which was created using the game engine of “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne”.

Failing to acquire the rights to “DOTA”, the team set out to create a similar game, incorporating different interests such as steampunk, fantasy, Lovecraftian horror, and sword and sorcery.

In LoL, players take on the role of a summoner using a champion for a large pool of selectable personalities – each champion has a role and different abilities. They then team up with others to fight against another team, usually with the main goal of destroying the other team’s base. Since its launch, LoL has become one of the most popular online games, and is credited with helping the MOBA genre rise. It is also one of the best supported competitive environments in the world.

Become famous

xChocoBars’ consistent streaming and support from her viewers quickly made her a standout in the online scene. She made a lot of money through donations and advertising, eventually earning more when she qualified to become a Twitch partner, which meant higher returns in exchange for consistent streams. She was proficient at the game and reached the diamond level, which was close to the professional level of the game. Many people enjoyed her gameplay and the humorous outcomes of some of her playthroughs. Others enjoyed her attractive looks, all of which helped her gain fans quickly.


Eventually, she started streaming other popular games such as “World of Warcraft” which was once the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in the world. She also played “Hearthstone”, a card game based on the “Warcraft” universe, and is one of the first online collectible card games to succeed in the market. With the advent of the battle royale genre, she also started playing games such as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) and “Realm Royale”. In this type of game, you have to fight against about 100 other players in the hopes of being the last man (person) standing.

Recent projects and other platforms

In recent months, xChocoBars has focused on playing auto-battlers, which was popularized by a “DOTA” mod initially called Auto Chess. She mainly playsTeamfight Tactics(TFT), the auto battler created by LoL creator, Riot Games. In TFT, players draft heroes and create a team that takes advantage of individual strength and team synergy to ultimately battle it out against other players who are also drafting. Player choice and randomness are part of what makes the game very appealing, as it focuses heavily on long-term strategy.

“TFT” has become very popular and is among the top games in its specific genre.

xChocoBars also continues to play Battle Royale games from time to time, especially with the constant releases of new “Call of Duty” games that have implemented the genre in their releases as well. Besides Twitch, she has a YouTube channel on which she uploads some of her stream highlights. It also serves as a video blog (vlog) that gives her fans a little insight into her life outside of streaming. Her account is also a form of supplemental income, as YouTube can also pay their content creators through ad revenue, based on their popularity.

Private life

xChocoBars was in a relationship with fellow streamer and YouTube content creator Jeremy Wang, who is better known by his online name Disguised Toast, a play on a LoL voice line.

He rose to fame posting videos of LoL on YouTube and became a mainstay of the game. The two started dating in 2018 after discovering they lived near each other, after working together on a few streams. Some of their dates are featured in vlogs Choco has on YouTube.

In early 2020, the couple made a joint Announcement that they were apart. They ended things on a good note and announced the end of their relationship as they were very open about their relationship in the beginning. Since then she mostly keeps quiet and to herself.

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