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What Happened to Rich Lewis on ‘Mountain Men? Net value


• Rich Lewis is a mountain man who lives in the Montana Mountains
• He rose to fame when he appeared on the History Channel docuseries “Mountain Men” for six seasons
• He is known as a lion hunter and performs odd jobs for the local population for a fee
• He is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 63 kg
• He has an estimated net worth of $300,000


The colder the climate, the sparse the population. You would expect the inhabitants of these colder climates to be bundled into artificial heating with gallons of hot water. Rich Lewis decimates this common perception by not only living in the cold of the Montana Mountains, but also in a home without basic amenities like running water. While this would usually be a sign of an inauspicious life, Rich Lewis rose to fame when he appeared on the History Channel docuseries ‘Mountain Men’ for six seasons. Its life of survival, hunting for food and tracking predators such as mountain lions is an object of intense fascination for the general populace, who are cozy and warm in their homes.

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Early life and family

Except you know that Rich used to be born in January 1954, in Idaho, USA, most of his life is shrouded in mystery. He spent most of his childhood in Idaho, always drawn to nature and the outdoors. He loved exploring and wandering in nature, a lifestyle he didn’t have to give up when he started taking care of himself.


A true mountain man

After moving to the Ruby Valley, Montana, Rich took on the mantle of the locals protector and vigilante. He quickly gained a reputation as a lion hunter and was dubbed “The Houndsman” for his pack of hunting dogs.

While many would be coy about the morality of hunting the magnificent mountain lion, Rich does so out of necessity and rarely kills the lion unless there is no other alternative.

The community recognizes his skills and he often does work for the local population for pay. He helps put out fires, move livestock, and protect livestock from predators such as lions. Hunting lions has become necessary as they pick up the cattle and moose, leaving the community with very few food resources.

In 2007, a lion was behaving abnormally, slaughtering two dogs and prowling populated areas, so the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks ruled that the lion should be hunted down and killed.

Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis got their permission to settle the matter and hunted the lion. He lost one of his hunting dogs, Roxie, to the lion’s prey, but he managed to eliminate the threat.

Discovery Channel

“Mountain Men” premiered on May 31, 2012. Produced by the History Channel, the show follows multiple people surviving in the cold wilderness of locations such as Montana and California. History channel describes the show as a testament to the tenacity and ingenuity it takes to survive.

Each of the characters has a compelling story and lifestyle that allows the viewers to be emotionally invested in the show.

Fellow cast members

Apart from documenting Rich and his life spent protecting his community and preparing for harsh winters, “Mountain Men” also portrays the lives of other men with similar ideals and lifestyles to Lewis. One such man is Eustace Conway, who lives in Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where he uses unique techniques to harvest firewood for profit, as well as training people in survival skills.

Marty Meierotto spends a significant portion of the year traveling between his home in Wisconsin’s Two Rivers and the mountains of Alaska, where he maintains fur traps and small, unheated cabins. While these men all use different means of survival, the common thread between them is a love of nature and the ability and desire to live a minimalist life.

What happened to Rich Lewis?

Despite being a beloved character on the show since 2013, Rich disappeared from the show without explanation after its sixth season in 2017. Many feared that this did not bode well for his health, but these concerns were satiated when Rich assured the audience that he was healthy and well.

Rich explained that he voluntarily decided to leave the show because his age made it incredibly difficult to maintain the level of activity he had before. Despite heavy speculation, there was no animosity between Rich and the producers of “Mountain Men”; he was not fired from the show. As for what he’s doing now, Rich has never been one for social media, and that’s unlikely to change now. He probably still lives his life in the mountains, but away from the lens of the camera.

Private life

Rich Lewis married Diane in 1992. Rather than his eclectic lifestyle ruining the relationship, Diane seems to share his ideals and supports this way of life. It is unknown if the couple have children, or if Rich was involved in previous relationships.


Rich has a thick beard and a full head of hair, all colored a light brown-grey. He has pale eyes and displays an attitude that is always ready for action. Years in the wilderness have enabled him to remain active and healthy and this is evident in his facial features. He is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 63 kg.

Net worth and salary

Money may not mean much in the mountains – certainly not as much as food, insulation and safety – but sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. Despite a minimalist lifestyle, money is still needed to obtain certain resources and purchase the best equipment. For example, living off the land as Rich does does not mean he is above using a vehicle for transportation. Despite the brevity of his position on “Mountain Men,” Rich has built up a net worth of an estimated $300,000 – far from a paltry sum to a survivor.

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