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Who is youtuber Soviet Womble? Wiki, real name, age, wealth


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Soviet Womble is a British YouTuber born on July 6, 1986 in Brighton, England. Currently, he is 34 years old and is known for his gaming videos on YouTube and his Twitch streams.

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Early life and education

Despite being a well-known content creator in the Internet gaming community, SovietWomble has kept personal details about his life under wraps, so his real name and childhood hobbies are unknown. As for his family, he is only known to be of Scottish and German descent and has a brother named Jack. When asked what his username SovietWomble means, he explained that it has no deep meaning: “It was just a disposable account that I forgot to throw out.”

Posted by Soviet Womble On Saturday April 20, 2019

While he has kept his identity largely anonymous on the internet, SovietWomble revealed on Reddit that he attended a public school and majored in computer science, which allowed him to work in a company’s software development department. He describes his educational background and career as ‘junk’.



Soviet Womble started his YouTube channel in 2011, when he posted a short gameplay of “Bad Company: 2”. While the video didn’t get many views initially, but was described by his fans as “where the legend was born,” his most recent subscribers have visited the clip several times out of curiosity. As a result, the video has been viewed over 190,000 times as of today.

After its YouTube debut, SovietWomble regularly posted gaming videos.

However, he focused on playing “Battlefield 3”, completely ignoring other video games until 2013, when he posted a DayZ video, which marked the beginning of his “Random Bulls**tery” video series, and when Soviet Womble rose quickly . fame began.

However, what makes his content attractive to his subscribers is not his ability to play video games, but his sense of humor and effortless jokes that are constantly inserted into his videos. He also invites other YouTube gamers to appear on his channel, which has become beneficial not only for him but also for his video partners.

However, SovietWomble’s work as a YouTuber doesn’t stop at filming content, as he mostly edits it himself, with a personal and offbeat style that has become his trademark. When asked why he prefers to edit his own content rather than hire someone to do it, he explained that he tries to keep the essence of his videos intact.

As he described it, videos are ‘images cut through the lens of my own sense of humour. If you add more lenses, the whole thing changes’. Soviet Womble relies on his own judgment when it comes to his content preference and has pointed out that he doesn’t feel the need to change the way he creates and edits his videos: “I’m afraid to mess with the elements that the videos have so far have made it successful. . I’m afraid to try to fix what ain’t broke.” (…) ‘It’s not worth the risk.’

It takes him an average of 100 hours to edit a video.

Although SovietWomble is considered primarily a gaming channel by its subscribers, it is known for its dark humor and slightly offensive comments. He usually jokes about sensitive issues and his content is often described as ‘not for everyone’.

Despite the negative opinions, SovietWomble’s channel has not stopped growing and now has over three million subscribers on the platform. His favorite video game is “Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis”, and he has played several others, including “Counter Strike”, “Left 4 Dead”, “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”, and “Grand Theft Auto”.

InvisionCommunity listed Soviet Womble as one of the UK’s top gaming influencers.


Soviet Womble joined the streaming platform Twitch in July 2014. On it, he usually plays video games with his friends and associates.

His “Random Bulls**tery” series on YouTube also continued on Twitch, with a livestream format.

However, his content on the platform is different from YouTube as his streams are longer and provide his fans with a closer and more interactive experience.

Who are his employees?

What makes Soviet Womble’s interactions with his gaming partners and friends characterize his content and set it apart from other YouTubers and Twitchers. His gaming team is known as Zero F*cks (ZF) and was described by him as ‘We are not a “community” in any sense of the word. We are a small clan’.

Some of the most famous members of his clan or squad include Cyanide, who is of Singaporean and Indian descent, but actually lives in the United Kingdom. He works more closely and more frequently with SovietWomble than anyone else. Cyanide also has his own YouTube channel, on which he has over 190,000 subscribers and over two million views. However, his Twitch audience is even bigger as he has over nine million views on the platform.

Nep has gained popularity in the gaming community thanks to her collaboration with SovietWomble and the rest of the ZF team. However, she is not an active streamer as singing is her main occupation and she is only an occasional gamer.

Edberg is a frequent streamer and regular member of the ZF squad. While Edberg has achieved huge success on his YouTube channel, he is mainly active on Twitch.

Nevil – initially known as Holynevil – was a frequent game streamer with SovietWomble and fellow collaborators. What sets him apart from the other team members is his special way of writing and his strong Vietnamese accent. Today, Nevil is no longer part of the ZF team he was accused of making racist remarks on his Twitter account, which caused him to be suspended from the team indefinitely.

Private life

SovietWomble is a very private person and does not reveal details about his personal life, relationships and friendships on his social media. Despite being a prominent YouTuber, Soviet Womble does not offer interviews.

Reveal face

Although SovietWomble has not revealed his real name, in 2017 he revealed his face to his fans during a Twitch live stream with fellow ZF team member Cyanide.

Despite this, SovietWomble usually doesn’t show his face during his gameplays, as he feels it distracts his audience from the content. In addition, he feels that not showing his face on Twitch sets his content apart from other users of the platform: “First of all, I consider myself a YouTuber and not a streamer. So I don’t feel like I have to follow streaming trends.”

Today, Soviet Womble shares several photos of himself on his social media accounts.

Net value

As a result of the sponsorship he has obtained as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, SovietWomble has an estimated net worth of over $850,000 as of 2020.

Soviet Womble has deactivated ads on his YouTube videos, so he does not benefit from the views of his videos.

Physical appearance

Soviet Womble is a man of white ethnicity. He has short blonde-reddish hair and blue eyes. He is 1.80 m tall and weighs about 86 kg.

Other interesting facts

Soviet Womble has a pet dog named Lulu. The little French bulldog has appeared in several of his videosand he often shares pictures of her on his social media accounts.

Fellow ZF team member Edberg described Soviet Womble as a “massive, massive over-editor”.

Although burritos are his favorite food, he dislikes burritos with cheese, feeling that the ingredient “dominates” the taste of the food.

He is a fan of ‘Star Wars’ movies, although he hates the prequels to the saga.

Although Holynevil is no longer a member of ZF’s team and their relationship as collaborators has supposedly ended, Soviet Womble still follows him on social media.

He was a cosplayer of Imperial Stromtrooper from “Star Wars”.

Soviet Womble has an Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page, where he is listed as the director, writer and producer of his video series “Random Bulls**tery”. This is unusual, as YouTubers are usually not listed on the said website.

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